Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Re: You might be right, you might be wrong

Jack Hogan wrote:

rubank wrote:

Here you have a comparison between Photivo, RawTherapee, CaptureOne, an ISO 400 underexposed shot that has been heavily lifted. All noise reduction and sharpening disabled.
For measure, an ACR conversion of the same scene as a more "normal" exposure at ISO 6400.

As far as I´m concerned the RT colour is off.
RT using "neutral" profile, exp slider +4,95.

Ok, good example. There is enough tonal difference between the four to show that each renders color slightly differently.

Yes, but the RT conversion sticks out; the others are in the same ballpark (on my monitor, maybe its bad...)

The RT 'Neutral' image is normally the least processed - some call it the most 'accurate' - and thus also normally the least pleasing. Assuming you don't have any out of gamut colors there, and you white balanced each converter by sampling a neutral gray object in the scene, I would tend to trust RT most.

On the other hand the point here was to show the ISO400 and ISO6400* Raw images rendered side by side by the same converter. If I had to choose one, I would choose RT for the reasons above.


* You know that ISO6400 on a D800 is really ISO1600 pushed 2 stops digitally in-camera before writing data to the Raw file, right? So with this example you'd really only be showing the effects of a 2 stop push (from 400 to 1600).

Of course I do. But the inclusion of the ACR high ISO cenversion was not meant to be a comment on any "ISO-less" debate, but to give a point of reference to colour shifts when doing heavy shadow lifting - which was the topic of this conversation.

While you trust RT I trust my eyes. After all, I know what the plastic containers look like...

For your amusement, here´s another comparison:

from left to right:

ACR using RT:s colour profile, ACR using Adobe Standard profile, RT using its own profile.
ISO 6400. "Exposure" and shadow adjustments were made to somewhat match the output brightness. WB from the same spot.

None of these is good, but RT is not the best among the 3.

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