6D lowlight photos

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Re: Thanks for the tip!

Terribilino wrote:

I have Lightroom 5, which is fine for my needs, but I have read that there are better options for NR. Maybe I should start looking into what's out there.

Your touch-up was done on the JPEG exported from Lightroom, so it probably wasn't as impressive as it could have been if you'd had the original file. If I sent you original RAW, would you post an example of what Nix can do? It might interest others as well.

Let me know.

Thanks again!

Sure, I'd be happy to try my hand on your RAW file. My email address is:


The Nik Software Viverza plugin that I used was for Photoshop. However, they offer one that stands alone which is cheaper (at least they used to). Nik Software was recently bought by Google so things have changed a little.

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