Why is photography now considered a terrorist act?

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Re: Why is photography now considered a terrorist act?

nevada5 wrote:

FrankieJ wrote:

Why is photography now considered to be part of, or equivalent to, a terrorist act?
This past weekend I was shooting at Los Feliz fountain in Los Angeles for a college assignment.

The site is undergoing renovation of the surrounding garden areas which ARE fenced off.
The fountain itself is unfenced with no prohibitive signage and is operating normally. I stayed next to the fountain, within the un-restricted areas.

One of the DWP gardeners felt that it was his duty to tell me that I had to stop what I was doing and leave the location. I did as "Told" and packed up and left (I was done shooting).
But why is the first reaction to legal public photography one of threat?
(With apologies to anyone affected by 9/11) Did he fear I would use the photos somehow to fly a plane into the fountain? Wouldn't Google Earth be superior for that? I would love to hear viewpoints of those that agree that photography IS a threat to public safety to help me better understand.

Thank You

Maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds like you just caved. If he's a gardener, I don't see him having any authority to tell you to leave or what legal activities you cannot engage in. Would you have left if a 9-year old had said the same thing?

The perception you give me is that you are willing to forfeit your rights just because someone wants to take them away from you. That's not good.

Your assuming that NO action was taken. I like the way you think sos I think you'll approve of this.

Let's just say at some time after the incident, when one would least expect it, the act of disrespect was rectified, old world style. Yous know what I'm sayin? Yup he wont be bothering anyone ever again - bada boom bada bing.

Happy? please read above where I said that I had gotten my shots and chose to leave peacefully.
I could have gone the other way, and at times I have insisted that police be called (they never have been).
In this situation there was no need to get confrontational, now if he'd told me to stop before I had gotten my school assignment on motion/shutter speed shots, well then dats anuther story see?

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