Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

Some with the RDC-6000 in the Autumn-thread

It won't accept any of my two 128mb Smart Media cards but luckily it works well with the 64mb ones. The Dynamic range might be slightly worse than what I expected. But that won't be much of a problem as I hardly was thinking about some serious photography when I decided to buy one used.

To me this is merely a toycamera though a good such which I also intend to use with the Ricoh DR-3 remote control. The shutter release lag can be rather long sometimes. Battery life is clearly not good as the battery is quite aged. I've ordered an inexpensive replacement battery for it, Ricoh DB-20. It didn't take long to find out that this battery is the same as Fuji NP-80.

As expected the UI is not very good though I get used to it. It is somewhat different even compared to the Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 which not have ADJ-button either and slightly more so when compared to the 400G Wide which have that button. Oh well, so far I've hammered away with it and had some fun as long as the battery lasted. Lukily I had the Contax TVSD with which could continue when the RDC-6000.

I think that I might test the RDC-5000 anyway, mostly because it have a shutter which go down to 1s while the RDC-6000 only go down to 1/4.

And the R5 yes... It arrived but something is seriously wrong with it as it can't focus quite properly. Every picture is out of focus with some weird foglike look to it. At least the ADJ-menu is less laggy compared to the R3 from what I can remember, also the R4 as well. But there is another con, it takes longer to click many step upwards or downards on the EV-tab or Iso for example compared to the R3. Seems like Ricoh fixed one slight problem and added an other.

So I'll have to go for another R5 before I can test it properly.

The Ricoh Caplio GX 5mp should arrive soon however. Didn't have any luck with my last one which had a serious problem with the sensor which made it unusable. Hopefully it won't have problem with sample variation either which might result in some bad corner softness.

I've a Ricoh Caplio 500G with that zoom which have quite bad corner and edge softness due to SV while the 500SE which I have is fine. All three have the same zoom though probably with faster AF than the GX 5mp.

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