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Well, I finally got everything to work like I wanted. A few days ago I received the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" and a Samsung OTG cable. The Tab 3 8" supports (any?) OTG cable. The 7" doesn't. I find it very hard or impossible to read this from the Samsung pages.

So, for the transfer of files from my SD card or CF card to the Galaxy Tab 3 8", it's just stright forward with no extra programs installed:

* Plug in the SD card to the USB reader.
* Plug the USB reader to the OTG cable.
* Plug the OTG cable to the tab, and an overview of the storage pops up.
* Select the external USB, copy the folder, go to the Tab's MicroSD card and select paste.
* The file transfer is 12-13 Mb/sec, so for appr. 650Mb with jpeg and RAW files, it took less than a minute to transfer.

The whole operation took less than two minutes (for this example with 650Mb), so for me this is as perfect as it can be. I'm using a 64Gb card in the tab, and if I should need more (not likely!), I can just add another card.

Transferring the files to my computer at home is also very quick (about 17Mb/sec for this first test). Just plug in a normal USB cable to the Tab and copy/paste the folders into the usual filestructure.

By the way, I also got the RawDroid program for viewing the Canon RAW files. An absolutely fantastic program, and surprisingly quick to browse through the RAW files. Doubletap to view/check the focus at 100%. Doubletap again to view fullsize. Pretty much no lag browsing through the RAW files.

If I knew all the information above before I bought the 7" Tab, I could have saved a bit of money and time. But my setup is now complete for at least a few years. Hopefully others find some of this interesting.

Hi....good to hear all is well...yea..I'm really peed about the 7" not usb friendly but I'll stick with it ..I took my 7" and had it exchanged yesterday.....the issue with the bottom keys of the virtual keyboard not working in all 4 directions. It seems that my best option for what I want to do ( control my t3i remotely) is this... router connected to the camera...around $ software.

Thank you for this......great information.

I picked up a Tab 3 8" about a week ago and have been attempting to get acquainted with it through trial and error and the manual. While I have a desktop and laptop, this is my first tablet so this is new ground for me and I am no youngster. Got a 32MB MicroSD and have downloaded the RawDroid App but have yet to get the OTG cable/Galaxy Tab USB connection kit. I was thinking in terms of using MicroSD cards with sleeve in my G15 and 60D as a way of viewing shots on the Tab 3 so it is a real bonus to learn that I can actually view and download shots in the field with and OTG cable and card reader be it from SD cards or other cards as I also have a 40D and a couple of Sony p&s cameras. Actually, I just found Android Talk and had no occasion to look for it until today even though I have been kicking around DPR for years. Glad I found it.


Hi Bill...There is some really cool apps for dslrs for andriod .I downloaded a IR shutter remote( free app) from google play store...very simplistic but works great on my t3i. There are several other free apps for dslrs...worth checking out.

Thanks for your comments, looks like there may be more camera related uses and apps available than I realized and this is good to hear.  Some investigating ahead.


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