Why is photography now considered a terrorist act?

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Brian D. Schneider
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Re: Patriots Act at Work

Diopter wrote:

FrankieJ wrote:

Why is photography now considered to be part of, or equivalent to, a terrorist act?

Since the beginning, the threat of the terrorism is an universal reason to limit many otherwise innocent activities just "in the case".

Construction project has many "tricks": safety issues, fire regulations, materials not meeting specifications, or anything what may look as a job done unprofessionally.

Banning you from the site and frequently forcing to delete the memory card is easy and gives peace of mind to many involved parties.

That’s the reality of the Patriots Act.


It is never legal to force you to erase a memory card. If you're on private property they can tell you to leave but can't delete pictures.

The Patriot Act says nothing about photography but is often used as an excuse by clueless security guards and police.

They often say "no photos allowed because of 911"

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