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Re: Quit Whining and Clean your Sensor .... !

stevo23 wrote:

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stevo23 wrote:

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BeachnCruz wrote:

Cough up the Cleaning Fee or Clean it yourself ! It's a simple choice ! Why all the Drama ???

No drama, I'm becoming frustrated when I see new spots after only 20 or so shots.

How many actuations do you have on it to date?

3000, I share it's use with 3 other cameras (d-300/2, Kodak slr/n, and the D-600). I use it when I want bigger files.....and they match the other Nikon's color and look. So in 9 months there isn't a lot of use. I am frustrated that I see spots on EVERY job from a new or near new piece of equipment.

Yea, that's a pain for sure. I can't remember - have you wet cleaned it yet? In my case, after two wet cleans that were about a month apart, the problem had already decreased quite a bit. And to be sure, it required a wet clean. Literally by April or so (about 5000 actuations by then), I was getting normal dust accumulation.

Oh - sorry, I also meant to ask how many shots since R&R by Nikon? It makes me wonder if they merely cleaned your AA filter. Care to send a sample shot - infinity focus at the sky, +3 exposure, f22? I'm very curious what this problem looks like when people are getting their cameras back from Nikon.

I didn't test when it came back...I assumed it was clean. I won't wet clean till it is out of warranty. (If I keep it)

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