Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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rubank wrote:

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The point about knowing the science is that it lets you take out of the loop a lot of the 'extensive practice'.

Extensive practice has a lot of other benefits. You need 10 000 hours of practice (whatever you engage in) to get proficient. Try it.

That's afigure plucked out of the air with no evidence.

Actually not

That article may be a bit qurky, but there is other evidence that points to a number of areas of human endeavour where it appears that people require about 10,000 of study and practice (note: both) to become "experts", by whatever is the standard for that field of endeavour.

This is neither coincidental nor arbitrary: it represents around 5 years full-time effort, which is about the practical time available to acquire a skill.  I mean: in most professions, one can't afford to have people spending much more than that learning before they start contributing back from that learning, hence many professions or whatever average out about there.

The point is that science provides direction much faster than trial and error.

Agreed, but in the case of practical skills such as photography, it helps to have both scientific knowledge and practical experience in applying that knowledge, surely?

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