Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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rubank wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

rubank wrote:

Heavy shadow lifting commonly leeds to colour shift

My experience is that with moderate lifts (say 3-4 stops) in an otherwise decently exposed image if 'color' shifts are observed the raw converter is usually at fault. What raw converter do you use? Try free RawTherapeeand see if you still get them. If not, you know where they came from

I´ve been using RT for many years, thank you. It is really not the best tool for shadow lifting, at least for me it gives severe colour shifts.

You are welcome. If the sensor is linear in the shadows, so will RT's results be if one applies exposure compensation.  This is not true of all converters.

I don´t know what convereter was used in the famous D7000 pics (above in this thread) but the colour shift is obvious, as is the shadow banding in the ISO 100 shot.

The converter was RPP. There is no way the two images could look exactly the same, given the fact that one of them has several channels clipped to smithereens - not just inside the house - and the other possibly some blacked to zero undithered. In that sense, I believe that the one you think has the 'correct' colors is not the same one I'm thinking.

Here is another good example of color shift from the same thread, this time pushed 6 stops. And another here, this time a lower exposure rescued 6 stops. Major shifts in the effectively 8-bit raw files

In fact, if I were to look at these images without knowing that they had been pushed I would simply think that they lacked a little saturation and contrast compared to their relative references. As for color shifts...

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