Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Re: examples where increasing brightness in post is better than increasing ISO.

bobn2 wrote:

Ah, well - that would have produced far from the same settings. The highlights seem to be about three stops above saturation for 1600, so he'd have reduced the exposure to say 1/250 at f/2.0 to protect the highlights at 1600, then he'd have switched to 100 and had three stops less exposure (and more noise) than Pierre did. What he should have done is what Pierre did, give it the longest exposure and widest aperture and shot at the optimum ISO for read noise (actually not quite, 200 is better than 100 on the D7000).

I was only referring to the highlights in the windows and verandah which are really only slightly clipped.  No point in saving highlights in the light bulbs since there's really no detail of interest there.  I estimate 1 stop less exposure would have been enough to capture detail in the windows and verandah.  2 stops at most.

In any case, any knowledgeable photographer who is blowing critical highlights at ISO6400 and is already at lowest practical shutter speed and widest practical aperture knows that lowering ISO is the only thing needed to rescue highlights.  If Pierre wanted to do a proper comparison between high ISO and base ISO then he should have lowered the ISO so that the highlights in the window and verandah didn't clip.

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