Why are so few lenses bought per DSLR? (Motivation of two polls)

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Oh dear that is allot of text to read. Which I have but still!

Look everybody is different I have seen enough DSLR's in the hand of parents who just want good images of their growing kids. Thats is, many of them if not most not even use it outside the full automatic modes. Maybe the father or the mother might be inclined to learn a bit more about photography tries a few things but. Well how much money can be diverted from taking care of the children? Right? Families spend money on their children ..

I am far different without children I have time and money free to spend in hobbies. Hobbies a love would find a waste of time and money. This means I can enjoy the hunt for special glass and actually go out and shoot different lenses. The hunt for good glass is a thrill in a way.

But yeah most people are happy with a basic 1 or 2 zoom combination. Hell quite a few go for a 18-270mm and thats it. Some don't even buy a bigger flash..

So we all differ and yes many beginner DSLR owners never reach further. They are happy with what they have they don't hunger for better and they are just happy.

Others want more, better, want to put time and energy and money into better stuff.

Eh as long as people are happy I say. I like my small collection of special glass, it is nice to be able to dig out something special. But thats me, I don't ahve someone nor have chlidren so ..and the cats are not much of a complaining force

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