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Alan_W1 wrote:

Ive had an old Nikon 135mm ais tucked away in the back of a cupboard for a few years, and decided it may be useful for some close-up shooting.

Although ive been using a Kiwi brand adaptor for a couple of years {with my 300mm/400mm teles}, this was not ideal for the 135mm as it was too front heavy {especially if using an extention tube}....due to the lack of a tripod mount on the lens.

After searching ebay/amazon etc for a solution {maybe a tripod collar I could adapt}, I stumbled across these adaptors.......with a built-in tripod mount {which is also removable, if required}. Its perfect for my short-tele use.

I haven't seen these mentioned before {maybe they have been though}, so this is just an FYI.

They are made in a variety of mounts, and at a variety of prices {all cheap.......mine was approx. £20}. They come from China, and mine took less than a week to arrive.

They certainly seem great value, and my one seems of similar build quality to my other adaptor......perfectly fine for regular use over many years.

These adaptor's probably offer little advantage with short lenses, or long heavy teles, over the usual cheap adaptors, but for short teles {such as my metal bodied 135}......the built-in tripod mount option is a huge bonus.

For some reason I can't seem to provide a link, but I guess doing a search on Amazon UK for DSLRKIT will bring up the suppliers "shop".

Notwithstanding the issues reported in the replies, this solution looks great. I recently re-bought a 135mm f3.5 Zuiko to use with my EPL5 and such an adapter would be ideal. As I would like to get a 200mm f4 Zuiko at some stage, the adapter would be even more beneficial. Thanks.

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