Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

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yodermk wrote:

RedYeti wrote:

the description he did what you are specifically warned not to do - delete ML from the card while leaving the card marked as bootable. The camera then tries to boot from the card but there is nothing on the card to boot, hence the camera hangs.

No, as noted I also get this phenomena when I use an SD card that ML has never touched.

Again, I'm not terribly concerned about it and I'm not trying to get rid of ML. It is mildly disturbing though.

Hmm OK, that is very interesting and somewhat surprising to me. It still seems that the SD card must have ended up marked as bootable somehow. What happens if you reformat the SD card in your computer, will it then let your camera start up OK?

You can also try using the EOScard utility to enable or disable the bootdisk marker on the SD card: http://pel.hu/eoscard/

If that doesn't solve the problem then it is possible that there is something amiss with the card itself or the way it has been formatted.

I'd be interested in getting to the bottom of this, partly out of my own curiosity and also because I would like to ease your mild disturbance As far as I'm aware it shouldn't be possible for the camera to hang on startup with a non-bootable SD card that is otherwise in good working order.

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