Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

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Re: Another warning

Mako2011 wrote:

And as has been pointed out...resetting the camera bootflag is doable but may result in bricking the camera. Another warning. He's now left with a choice...ML only or possible brick. Small risk?

As I have been trying to explain, there is a third choice - leave the bootflag enabled and don't use ML. He is not stuck with having to use ML as you (and he?) seem to be saying. He is stuck with the bootflag unless he wants to take a chance in removing it. Note that I don't know of a single case of anyone bricking their 5D3 like this, however there haven't been many people who have disabled the bootflag yet either so I guess the jury is still out on that one.

As they often point out..."No guarantees - if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.....the same is true for stable releases - but at least, the chances of things going wrong should be much lower"

How much lower?

The developers are being very cautious with that statement and they are right to do so for both practical and legal reasons. Have you ever read the warnings on virtually every software licensing agreement? They generally say something pretty similar.

In reality this warning is there to spell out to people that there is no comeback in the unlikely event that you do manage to brick your camera. There is always an inherent risk associated with this sort of low-level modification and given the nature of the project there's certainly no warranty attached. In reality though, much of the truly risky reverse-engineering and experimentation has already been done and (in my experience at least) ML is now surprisingly stable. I've been putting nightly and my own custom builds onto my 5D3 at least once a week for the past year or so, as have many others. The worst that has ever happened to me is the camera has hung and I've needed to pull the battery and reboot.

I would say the risk of bricking your camera while simply using ML is close to nil, regardless of whether you're using a nightly or stable release. There's a good technical explanation for why I say that - aside from setting the bootflag in the first place, ML doesn't modify the camera in any way, it just loads from a bootable card and runs in memory. If you turn the camera off and remove or format that card, ML is gone completely. There is however a potential risk of ML damaging the hardware in some other way while it is running. The chance of that would presumably be higher with nightly builds due to them having less testing than a stable release. The devs are cautious to stay within Canon's various thresholds however and I don't know of anyone who has had a genuine issue like this in practice.

Personally I'm more concerned when upgrading the Canon firmware - a loss of power during that process can spell disaster.

Ultimately it comes down to you - if you're not comfortable with the risks then of course you shouldn't touch ML. That's exactly what the warnings are trying to say in the first place.

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