Epson 3880 Printing Large from Front Tray has HUGE margins

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JJ Winkel Senior Member • Posts: 1,387
Re: Epson 3880 Printing Large from Front Tray has HUGE margins

I have not used the front tray so far, but generally speaking paper size and image size are two different things.
Stating that the printer accepts 16" paper does not mean it will print a 16" image, that would be borderless printing.
When you define a custom paper size, you give the printer driver a paper size that it will use from which it will subtract it's mechanical minimum borders, but it is in your image processing application (PS etc...) that you specify the wanted printed image size, it is your responsibility to check that it will fit the final print as expected, if too big the driver will crop it, but "normally" ( as said haven't tried the front loading) the application should give you a warning that the image will exceed the driver's maximum print area resulting from your paper size choice. 
That is if you have chosen 100% scale of course .... In PS the print window shows the exact image as it will be printed and the printer's applied borders ( the hatched area). Using PS I just simulated a front load print and indeed it adjusts the print area accordingly. 

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