Why are so few lenses bought per DSLR? (Motivation of two polls)

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Sammy Yousef
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Why buy lenses?

I'm not here to make camera companies rich. I buy a lens when I need it because my existing set doesn't do something I want to.

A good well rounded set up that would let you shoot most things would include 3-4 zoom lenses to cover everything from ultrawide to somewhere between 300mm and 500mm, a 1:1 macro lens, a portrait lens and perhaps a couple of other primes. That gives you everything from microscopic to telescopic and low light to boot. You can't hang more than 2-3 of them off your neck at a time and there will be overlap. Sure you can spend a mint on specialised glass but unless you're shooting regularly in conditions that require it, how is an amateur hobbyist to justify lenses that can cost more than cars?

Most beginners and casual shooters can get buy on one or two lenses. They're not shooting sports action, macro or astrophotography, and the built in flash is enough for them.

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