Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Spot metering off brightest desired highlight

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So, mostly the metering is checking highlights. The easy technique is to set 2 1/2 or a bit more stops of EC and spot meter off the highlights (if your camera lets you use EC in M). On most camera there are a few ISO settings to be working with, and you know those pretty well anyway.

This sounds quite interesting, can you elaborate a bit on how it works? why 2.5 stops?

Your meter should be calibrated to centre when it gets 18% grey as the nominal exposure (10/ISO lux seconds).

I always thought it was 12.7% for digital meters. 18% was for film. That's why when you use an 18% grey card with digital you have to compensate a 1/2 stop.

Most Nikons (and I think Canons as well) place middel gray (L*50) in the raw data at quite a bit less than the recommended value, often less than 10% of full scale - try it.

Also keep in mind that 100% is supposed to be a perfectly diffusing white subject - which you practically never run into.  If you do landscapes there are often mixed reflected/diffused subjects above 100% that you may wish to retain some detail in. Ansel Adams, for instance, suggested in his Zone system that middle gray should be Zone V and saturation/specular highlights in Zone X, 5 stops above it.

I use the technique mentioned by Bob above (spot metering off the brightest highlight one wishes to retain detail in) quite frequently, and my biggest beef with Nikon is that the live in-OVF over/under exposure indicator maxes out at 2+ stops. I often would like to see when I am 3 stops or more over what the meter suggests.


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