GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Re: GX7 EVF great or not so great

I also had a play with a GX7 in a UK Panasonic Store recently. I wear glasses, and currently use a GH2 (I have also previously owned the GX1 with LVF2 finder). I liked the colour and contrast of the GX7 EVF - much better than previous models. The viewfinder image is smaller than the GH2, but as a glasses wearer that's fine by me as it makes it easier to see the edges of the frame. I sometimes find the GH2 finder too big. However, I did have difficulty adjusting the dioptre to match my eyesight, and found that even when I set it as accurately I could, there was still noticeable astigmatism (a sort of side-to-side colour fringing, if that makes sense!) in the viewfinder image (especially noticeable in the information displays). I have a similar problem with my GH2, and unfortunately I wasn't able to compare side by side to see if the GX7 was better or worse. The LVF2 (for the GX1), on the other hand, posed no such problems, and I always found the image beautifully clear - so it is possible to find a Panasonic EVF with excellent viewfinder optics! I do have astigmatism in my dominant eye, but it is properly corrected in my glasses so shouldn't pose a problem using a viewfinder (and it was never a problem with the LVF2). I put it down to inferior viewfinder optics in the Panasonic cameras.

However, the GX7 EVF is a lot clearer than the GH3 finder which I also tested out last year - I found the blurring/smearing awful on the GH3.

I have also recently played with an OM-D EM-5 and I found the viewfinder image to be essentially the same size as the GX7 (i.e. smaller than the GH2). I didn't have the same problems with the dioptre adjustment that I had with the GX7 - the image seemed pretty clear once I had adjusted it correctly.

Don't get me wrong - the GX7 viewfinder is good, but just not maybe as good as it could be. The LVF2 is the clearest EVF I have used so far (but not as detailed or colourful as the GX7). I'm fussy about viewfinders, and I think this might just put me off buying the GX7.

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