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Or is it?

Marty4650 wrote:

Mephistopheles* wrote:

Think the reason for the high level of activity in this forum is fairly simple. It is the only DP Review forum whose scope includes all cameras of a certain sensor size rather than being limited to a particular a brand.

Then someone must explain why there are TWO forums for cameras with 4/3 sensors. One for 4/3 SLRs, and another for M4/3 cameras.

So obviously, it isn't the "only forum for that particular sensor size."

So it has more discussion because multiple brands are included, and because it invites debates about the advantages and disadvantages of different classes of camera systems (as defined by sensor size). If there were a single APS-C or full frame forum, I would expect it would be similarly active.

Well... perhaps so. But Samsung DSLR users were perfectly happy using the Pentax DSLR forum, and Panasonic and Leica DSLR users were happy in the Four Thirds DSLR forum too. And Fuji DSLR users were happy to use the Nikon SLR Lens forum, since they shared the same lens mount.

So you see there are other cases where mount style trumps sensor size. There is nothing unique or even new about the M4/3 forum.

Yes, I wasn't aware that the 4/3rds cameras had the same size sensor when I wrote the original post, but it really is beside the point.  This forum is still the only multi-brand forum dedicated to a particular mount/sensor combination, so it is obviously unique.  There is no forum "for 4/3 SLRs"--just forums for particular brands.  The other examples of forums dedicated to particular brands that are also used by users of other brands is obviously different from a forum that is defined by title and scope to include other brands.  And it's obviously not going to attract the type of debates about camera classes that this one does.

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