Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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's what they say ..

Absolutic wrote:

Reviewing the Cameralab Raw images compared between EM1, EM5 and Panasonic GX1, the results are identical to me.

Cameralab states that the results are good but they kind of hoped for some improvement in a year-and-a-half since EM5's release. Perhaps m43 sensor hit the maximum in terms of image quality, with today's technology. The only improvements in image quality might come in jpeg, depending on how great Olympus programmers are, since it is all about the algorithm at this point.

Rumour had it Olympus would be getting new technology (as sensors) from Sony, but according to the images it does not look like it is happening. Removing AA filter alone does not seem to be helping much either.

Currently Sony can be selling the same APS-C sensor to Nikon, Pentax, who knows who, who also have bigger combined presence on the market and can buy in big volumes. Redesigning sensor for Olympus would mean for Olympus only, thus very expensive. Which in return may explain why there is no observable difference in images from the year and half old and lower by specs model.
There are some functional improvements in the latest model, of course, which can also imply the previous model was not optimally good, and needed some serious rearrangements. But at the end of the day, if the imager is the same then what's worth of it. Oh well ...

thus, any of these cameras would be fine if image quality is the only factor.


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