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Ma certo,

I was an early adoptor.... but if you look at recent buyer feedback comments from B&H and Amazon it seems that the problem still exists on new stock with recent serial numbers.

You mean that it has nearly 5 stars from 327 respondents on B&H? None of the online "surveys" from Amazon or whomever have a large enough sample size or built in objectivity to mean much.

That Nikon would let this continue this lond suggests something is seriously wrong with their current management lineup.

That's somewhat of a leap. It could suggest a lot of things; 1) That the problem was discovered and corrected in-line, but sales were slow and they didn't move the "bad" ones even as late as now, 2) They made a massive batch of cameras all at once in November of 2012 or so and there wasn't a way to correct the issue before most of them went out, 3) The majority of D600 buyers were in fact buying their first full frame digital camera and had no idea what to expect. So there was a very small number with the actual problem, but a lot of inexperienced users were bothered by normal amounts of dust simply because they weren't accustomed to it, 4) That there is a problem with a 3rd party supplier (shutter company) that wasn't known or discovered early enough, 5) Floods in Asia caused problems, 6) That there is a problem with their designers/manufacturing engineers, perhaps they all got a bad case of the flu and left Nikon in a bind? 7) Perhaps it's as you say, 8) There could be a design flaw, 9) There might not be a design flaw, but there could be a harmless "sloughing off" of material or lubricant that goes away, etc. etc.

I'm not trying to minimize the reality of it (see below). I'm just saying, I think it's over-rated and too bad for Nikon. I've been in manufacturing and I know how tough it can be. To me, Nikon's real mistake was not being forthright and open about the cause. Silence breeds more rumor than honesty.

FYI: I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a D600 and early one, it was building up amazing amounts of megadust or whatever it is. Eventually, it got much better and was even better than normal. I still sent it in, asking for them to check the shutter. They replaced the shutter and the new one is fine, no extra spots other than a few random ones here and there. I've run about 300 actuations so far.

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