D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

Shotcents wrote:

Factor in the price? Nikon 85f1.8G by a mile.

With the rebate I got the Tamron for 650.00. For 150.00 more I have a lens that's a bit slower, but capable of even better bokeh and sharpness and it has VC and top-tier macro. I think it's a tie!

Yes, but this varies. I rarely use the 85mm at apertures above f/2.2 and very often at f/1.8-f/2.2. The Tamron 90mm would simply not have it. I shoot macro almost always slowly with a tripod. So for me a 90mm f/2.8 wouldn't be so useful other than as a macro so...

Is the new VC model significantly better than the previous non-VC model for macro?

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