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Mike Ronesia wrote:


I know there are more then a few problems with the system and I doubt they can all be fixed. For me as a host I would just like to have some more control to customize my challenges for a couple of reasons. One is to make the challenges more interesting and another is to help minimize sandbagging. Will it ever be perfect? I doubt it, but it can improved on, and I think that is a start.

As a host I would like to be able to pick between a few different voting options

1) voting open to all.

2) voting open to all except entrants.

3) Host selects winner.

4) host selects judges.

5) Host selects finalists and panel for voting.

I'd also like to see a way to verify the ID's of sandbagger's, either directly or via a timely request and reply from DPR.

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Mark James
A.K.A. Mike Ronesia

Mike, I understand you very well. If it was only hosts like you, barb, OldArrow and a very few others, I wish you had any control you need; and, I believe what you are asking is very reasonable... But unfortunately with the crowd we have as hosts, this is not the case!

Also, I really don't believe we need so many challenges each week! If we had less with more quality and better hosts, it would be so much better!

Good luck, my friend,

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