Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

cantanima wrote:

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Thanks for your input -- Sean65 -- sounds like your X10 had a behavioural history like my X20...

I've noticed this, too. The HS25 does the same. I find it odd, but perhaps there's a mechanical reason for it.

I think that's it. Unlike hand held light meters which can have relatively huge photosensitive devices (which are linear over a very wide range) or the metering sensors in DSLRs that are still pretty large (so that they too can measure over a wide dynamic range), P&S and mirrorless cameras use sensor photosites to take readings and they're extremely small. So to get a fairly accurate reading my guess is that the camera has to essentially take many "metering" exposures, draining/resetting the sensor after each attempt, making it ready for the next trial exposure, where each successive trial exposure uses a faster "shutter speed" to reduce the light collected by the photosites. When most of the photosites are no longer overloaded, equivalent to blown highlights, the camera now knows how bright the light is and its meter reading can be safely used.

Photo-geek catnip.

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