General Advice on compatible ink : Epson R800

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Re: General Advice on compatible ink : Epson R800

PerryJoseph wrote:

When using My Epson R800, I have good results as I have also a profile but for example the T0542 ink cartridge, is expensive and I live overseas which does not help. Assuming I use compatible ink cartridges, will the Printer Utility recognize the Supply level. I also assume that compatible Ink cartridges and the genuine ones do not mix. Correct ? Any advice welcome.

Not the exact answer to your inquiry but it may be helpful in your consideration for non OEM inks. I have 3 Epson R800 printers.  One is equipped with an ISS from Inkjetcarts with Inkjetcarts inks. I use empty OEM R800 Cartridges and load these with inks from Inkjetcarts for the other two R800 printers.  I use a chip re-setter to reset the Cartridges.  Occasionally, I do use a mix of loaded cartridges and Epson OEM ink (at the same time) in the two printers.  I have had no unusual (or bad) results with such practice.

I also use Inkjetcarts inks for my Epson 2200 also loaded in empty OEM cartridges.  I use Inkjetcarts inks for my Epson 3880 loaded in Refillable Cartridges purchased from Cone inks.  These are also intermixed with original Epson OEM ink Cartridges and works without issue.

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