Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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Re: Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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No it is not the same sensor. Olympus have already said this. The DR is different, just look at the Tungsten test Raw samples on this website for 3200, 6400 and 12800. Download them and open them up in Lightroom 5.2. You can easily see the E-M1 has no/less blue noise which increases the DR. Try to remove that blue noise from the E-M5 files without a loss in detail. With no AA filter on the E-M5 it allows you to apply more NR when required compared to the E-M5 without so much detail loss.

It's not the 'same' sensor because it has PDAF pixels and no Aliasing filter, of course. That doesn't mean you're going to wrangle 1 extra stop of DR/detail out of it, let's be serious. It's cool that particular test seems to yield better results. This could be due to a minimal improvement in sensor quality as you say, but also could be chalked to a tweaked rendering engine, which we know the camera has, or the fact that DPreview is known to be sloppy with preserving their studio shots' lighting conditions, making them pretty useless for camera-against-camera pixel peeping.

Furthermore you can cherry pick other tests which would 'prove' the EM1 sensor is inferior to the old one, if taken at face value, so I wouldn't put much weight upon it. Looking at the link I posted, I'm just pleased the playing field has been pretty much leveled between APS-C and M43.

Or in other words, for about $250.00 more, you could own a m4/3 camera that almost equals the D7100 in one area, IQ.

Fuji seems to be the only one who can pull ahead of the pack and land a bit closer to that FF ISO performance, but I wouldn't trade my M43 for one of their cameras just yet.

Or alternatively, one that beats the D7100 in terms of build quality, weight and bulk

Weight and bulk, yes, in a minor way regarding body, more so for lenses. build quality, not so much.

for both body and lenses, offers built in stabilisation and now an intriguing mix of large and small lenses.

As always it depends on what is most important: once Magnum photographers are using M43 for paid assignments I think one must accept that IQ for editorial work has reached the stage of acceptability. Those guys dance on the head of a pin in terms of their skill levels and they have a very serious organisational reputation to uphold.

Pixel peeping at test charts etc is all very well, but IRL such things matter less.

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