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Re: 35mm Film is somehow optimal for digital sensors?

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

OK, so you have/are using GH3 and EM5. I've not shot either, but I've done lots of arm-chair investigation into the E-M1 -- and think this one is a different beast from the GH3 and EM5, JMO.

Rigggggghhhht. So your 'armchair investigation' tells you all this.

Tell you what. Go out and buy a GH3 and an EM5, use them in situations that pros use the big 1 series Canikon cameras, then come back and we can talk on the same wavelength.

Hardly -- I've no intention of buying an EM5; and GH3 is almost solely for video.

See, this is an example of the problem. You're talking rubbish. So much rubbish, that I wonder if you are actually a troll. The GH3 is indeed probably the best MFT camera for doing video, however, many people (including myself) have never even used the video features on that camera. I bought it as I consider it the best, most ergonomic STILLS mft camera out there (at least pre EM1 and time will tell on that one).

But I DO intend to buy the E-M1 -- then we'll talk. Bring it. My point, in no intended disrespect for your work or your present M4/3 experience, not all M4/3 are created equally. My 'armchair' has also spanned dozens of videos on YT where pros/reviewers have used the E-M1; plus scores of detailed written reviews.

Yea, and I've read scores of glowing reviews on the EM5 as well, and they still don't really prepare the pro working in demanding situations of the pitfalls.

Why do you think the sun rises & sets on your experiences with GH3 & EM5 as completely representative of M4/3?

Point me to where I say that my experiences of MFT are 'completely representative'? I'm not saying that.

I see you have chosen to delete the parts of my post you didn't want to see again or couldn't disagree with.

My answer to you was that its pointless discussing and debating your armchair analysis v my real life experiences. Its a waste of my time. Go out and buy and use the gear, then we can talk.

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