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To MOD or not to MOD?...

A while ago, when it was question about having MODs in the forums, I was in favor of the idea to keep the trolls away and to protect civility in discussions as they were sometimes passing the line!

But now, with all due respect, I have the feeling I was wrong! At least at its actual form!... It seems to me we had more peace before!...

Each forum has its own characteristics and style. For instance, Nikon forums are very different from Leica forum; as is Canon from Panasonic, and as are all the others from each other.

It is important for any moderator to understand the way a forum has been functioning and the style or the spirit of a forum, and to respect it. I believe it is very wrong for any MOD to jump into a forum and trying to change everything to his own taste!... It takes only a short time before being hated by everyone and lose any respect and trust among the members!... (I have been noticing that already!)

Such MOD is useless and he/she becomes more part of the problem rather than a problem solver! For the sanity of a forum, such MOD should not be kept!

Maybe DPR is giving too much power to MODs?!... Some over-zealous individuals misuse that power and create a very unhappy environment in a forum!... They think they are above everyone else and it takes a very short time before they become real dictators and act like “fascist rulers”!... It is very wrong to let a MOD to become a “Judge”, a “Jury”, a “Prosecutor” and an “Executioner” at the same time!

As always in the past, we must keep the right to have any discussion we choose, about any subject that we are concerned about, in our forum. As long as it remains civil. A MOD should not have any right of deciding what subject is “on topic” or not “on topic”! This is not his business! … He should not be allowed to “Lock” any thread or to menace any member!... He should not move any thread or remove any post that is not in his/her favor!... This kind of censorship should NOT be allowed by any MOD in any case!

PMs must remain “Private” and no MOD with a strong knowledge of the Internet should hack any PM. Not only this is not ethical, but also, I am sure, not legal. If by any chance, such things happen, I believe DPR must bear the responsibility!... But I hope it will never happen!

I very strongly believe that the main task of a MOD should only be keeping a forum clean from trolls and abusive language! His job should not be “Ruling”!... He/she should NOT have that kind of power and that kind of freedom!

If any forum is stressed by the attitude of any MOD, for the sake of that forum and the respect of its members, that MOD should be removed immediately!... This is only the common sense!

All the above issues have been privately and very seriously discussed among many of us, DPR members. We are extremely worried about how some MODs are behaving and the future of this wonderful site that we all love and wish the best.

With all due respect, we are very hopeful that DPR would very seriously consider our concerns!

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