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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: 35mm Film is somehow optimal for digital sensors?

Big Ga wrote:

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

OK, so you have/are using GH3 and EM5. I've not shot either, but I've done lots of arm-chair investigation into the E-M1 -- and think this one is a different beast from the GH3 and EM5, JMO.

Rigggggghhhht. So your 'armchair investigation' tells you all this.

Tell you what. Go out and buy a GH3 and an EM5, use them in situations that pros use the big 1 series Canikon cameras, then come back and we can talk on the same wavelength.

Hardly -- I've no intention of buying an EM5; and GH3 is almost solely for video.  But I DO intend to buy the E-M1 -- then we'll talk.  Bring it.  My point, in no intended disrespect for your work or your present M4/3 experience, not all M4/3 are created equally.  My 'armchair' has also spanned dozens of videos on YT where pros/reviewers have used the E-M1; plus scores of detailed written reviews.  I just did a photo comparison yesterday of soccer shots at the same game by the same (perhaps pro) guy shot with both Nikon D4 and E-M1 -- SAME IQ, IMO (E-M1 should have been color managed and needed a very small bit of sharpening).  Why do you think the sun rises & sets on your experiences with GH3 & EM5 as completely representative of M4/3?  I see you have chosen to delete the parts of my post you didn't want to see again or couldn't disagree with.  BTW: my non-armchair work includes 100 Weddings + other event-type work.  I don't do sports photography -- but I read & look at it to ensure that the tracking system in a camera candidate is appropriate for my Wedding work.  Can a soccer player move faster than a Bride, probably.

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