RX100 or E_PL1, which to buy ?

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Re: RX100 or E_PL1, which to buy ?

Joseph Mama wrote:

DSLR or mirrorless are not THAT hard to use. They all have automatic modes just like point and shoots. You likely know enough to stick it in aperature or shutter priority mode and that will work the same with any camera pretty much. They have more controls exposed and dials and stuff, but the RX100 has tons of options too...they are simply more buried under the menus.

DSLR/mirrorles are not that heavy either. Its practically a non issue if you are gonna take pictures of kids around the house, and a minor inconvenience when driving to the park, etc. If hiking though, its kind of a big deal. If going to a party, you dont wanna huge camera around your neck.

Really it comes down to several things: Portability like I said, along with ease of use. Secondly, how much money you intend to spend on lenses. An RX100 effectively has a Prime lens, plus a Kit Zoom lens all in one. Its 1 inch sensor is close to that of a 4/3rds (70% bigger sensor) to have similar image quality. If you plan to buy the Mirrorless/DSLR and keep the kit lens, then its really tempting to stick with the RX100. But the ability to buy a special macro lens, a big telephoto lens, etc for special cases can be a big advantage.

Thank you. After reading some replies, I dropped the idea of buying some "old" cheap mirrorless (such as the E-PL1) to get the hang of it because it sounds like a waste of money.

So I was looking at the E-PL5 because, features apart, its cost (here in Italy) was a little more expensive of the RX100. And I could buy a pancake when the need for portability will arise. What do you think ?

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