D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

Kali108 wrote:

Well, my experience and conclusions certainly differ. D800 body.

I haven't used the Tamron 90mm VC Macro. I would not be surprised if it was a great alternative....has VC, which is certainly welcomed.

$2,400: I own the 70-200 VR2. Great zoom. Way too intimidating...pointing a bazooka at people doesn't get "natural" expressions, etc. unless being a voyeur. f2.8 is a bit too slow for *me* and *arguably* needs to be stopped down to f4 for better resolution.

F4? A good and properly tuned copy of the 70-200 VRII should be tack-sharp at 2.8. So you're right; I do argue that one. This is lens renowned for being sharp at 2.8. Take the hood off and it's not really all that big. My feeling is that pretty much ANY DSLR has an intimidation factor in this world of Point & Shoots and camera phones.

$500: 85 f1.8G...stellar. None of the CA some speak of here. Better at f2 than the 85 f1.4G. Light weight, non-intimidating, etc.

A great lens indeed. I have no complaints and no CA to speak of.

$1,800: If the situation is conducive, I prefer the Zeiss 100 f2.

The Zeiss is a sweet optic, but for event and and candid portraits it's a poor tool. I can see better application for it in a studio setting.

$5,000: If working with a professional model, I prefer the Nikon 200 f2. Otherwise, talk about intimidating!

That's a KO lens! I've tried it and certainly seen the results. But again, not a typical portrait tool for most shooters.

Factor in the price? Nikon 85f1.8G by a mile.

With the rebate I got the Tamron for 650.00. For 150.00 more I have a lens that's a bit slower, but capable of even better bokeh and sharpness and it has VC and top-tier macro. I think it's a tie!

See comments by Ming Thien and Thom Hogan, etc...preferring the 85 f1.8G over the f1.4G regardless of price.

Yeah...many people prefer the 1.8G and I'm among them. I just don't like the 1.4G wide open. It does wield superior bokeh.

I'm waiting for Zeiss to release their new uber 85mm next year...we'll see.

They better hurry. Sigma is likely working on a new 85mm 1.4 or 1.2 ART lens. And if it's anything like the current 35 1.4 Zeiss and Nikon will be having a tough time.


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