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Re: 35mm Film is somehow optimal for digital sensors?

brianric wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

A Q then. Why bother lugging around the very large and very heavy 24-70 when you could use say a 24-85 3.5-4.5 or whatever it is which is a fraction of the size/weight? (and probably around half the cost of the 12-40 olympus and probably not THAT far off the same weight either - bet its less than 100g difference, and the nikkor will effectively be faster since the 12-40 is going to be an equivalent 24-80/5.6))

I'll let you know how well the Olympus M-1 stacks up under the conditions I just outlined against my FF cameras. I do own a D3S, along with D700, D800, and D800E.

That's ok, I already pre ordered my EM1 a number of months ago. I am sure it will have many redeeming qualities and I'm hoping I'll really like it, however I know for certain its going to suck compared to a big nikon when shot in anger. But it will be smaller.

We're not talking DOF,

We're talking equivalence.

so please explain exposure wise how an Olympus f2.8 lens is an equivalent to a FF 5.6 lens.

(here we go ..) because if you're shooting the Oly @f2.8, then you will get the same look (DOF) by shooting FF @ f5.6, and since you probably will want to maintain the same shutter speed as well, then you'll have to raise the ISO of the FF camera by two stops. But this doesn't matter, since the FF image has a two stop noise advantage, so you won't lose any image quality doing this. You won't gain anything either. Therefore you end up with a very similar image from both systems.

But you can end up with the situation where you could pay (in UK prices at least) nearly identical prices for say a D600 and an EM1, but the f5.6 type lens on the nikon will be around £450, and the requisite f2.8 lens needed on the Olympus is more like £900

I'm willing to bet the 24-85 isn't weather sealed.

Hmmm. Well Jim seems to think you just lost that bet! at least partly.

Since we're talking weight.

D800 900g
MD-DB12 544g
24-85 465g
Total 1909g

M1 497g
HLD-7 235g
12-40/2.8 382g
Total 1114g

795g difference, or 1.75 pounds.

Since you're doing this stuff. Why are you putting a grip on both? isn't the point of an EM1 that its MFT so its small?

lets do the sums again shall we, and lets pick the D600 (it would be interesting to take the argument that the D600 doesn't NEED a grip as its big enough, yet for many, the EM1 might require a grip just for normal use .. but whatever)


D600 760g £1369

24-85 465g £419

1220g and costing £1788


EM1 497g £1299

12-40 382g £899

879g and costing £2198 ooch.

So the Nikon setup is a bit bigger (but will be easier to hold and use), and is heavier (but its only 341g which is not exactly the end of the world), however the Olympus setup will cost you £410 MORE for the privilege of things like smaller, fiddlier buttons, and horrendously low battery life (bet the Nikon will give something like 5-10 times the number of shots per battery)

Its a tough call now.

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