D800 - Best AF fine tooling approach...

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Re: D800 - Best AF fine tooling approach...

I bought Focal, but I don't think it's as good as my own method which is to pick a target (I think the recommended distance is 50X focal length?) like a brick wall I shoot at an angle so I can see where the real focus is. Knowing that, I know where to adjust.

I then shoot a specific spot using the middle focus and TTL focusing. I do this on a tripod and with a fairly shallow DOF, The f stop depends on the lens. The goal is to get as narrow DOF as possible but still decent enough image quality to judge focus.

I do this with a group of fine tune settings (+20, +10, 0 and -10, -20 for instance) and judge which one is sharpest in Lightroom after applying about 60 for sharpness on all of them. I then then use the same method to narrow down to a more exact setting. Live View doesn't seem to care  - it's accurate without adjustments. I wonder if it even gets affected by the fine tuning.

I went through all the Focal exercises and wasn't at all happy with the results. I went back, lens by lens, and judged this myself and came up with much better results.

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