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Re: 70d look and feel - irrelevant!

peterharvey wrote:

I find that the EOS 100D [EOS Rebel SL1] looks a great compact size, but in the hands of the average man, the 100D's grip is too small to hold in the hand - it must be held by the fingers and thumb, somewhat like gripping a compact camera.

The only Rebel dSLR that could be gripped properly was the original 2003 EOS 300D/Rebel T1i.

The original Rebel dSLR was the biggest, heaviest, with the best grip.

Over the years, the Rebels have become smaller and smaller, lighter and lighter even.

Today, the EOS 700D [EOS Rebel T5i] is really compact and lightweight, but it cannot be gripped properly in the average man's hand; but it has a better grip than the entry level EOS 100D/ Rebel SL1 though.

Likewise, over the years, the 30D, then 40D, then 50D, then 60D, and now 70D have become smaller and smaller, lighter and lighter.

I thought the old 60D was a tad big.

IMO, I think the new 70D is almost perfect size for the average man's hand.

The ageing magnesium alloy 7D is a tad too big and heavy for the average man's hand.

However, the way things are going, expect the 2014 7D II to be a tad smaller and lighter, but still built out of the same rugged magnesium alloy.

While the size of the 70D is perhaps the best size for the average man's hand, amongst the Canon range, the weight of the 70D is great for neutralising bigger and heavier lenses, and the use of accessory flashes.

The 70D has the mini black and white LCD screen at the top, and the mode dial on the left.

At first, this prevents one-handed operation, however we quickly adjust to switching the unit on, and adjust the mode dial with our left hand, and we have to depress the central lock release before we can rotate the mode dial.

The LCD screen on the top right has some useful information, but somehow the trapezoidal shape never looks as attractive as the LCD screens from the higher Canon models.

As I said before, adding a hand grip like the Hakuba makes all of the above almost irrelevant. I've used Rebels, 60D, 7D and 5DII with a hand grip and they all feel pretty much the same except for weight differences. The camera attaches to one's hand so "gripping" the camera becomes unnecessary, and makes holding and shooting immeasurably easier with light or heavy lenses.

Instead of worring about grip size and "feel", just start using a Hakuba or other grip and improve your shooting tremendously.

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Sam K., NYC

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