How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: Peter, just curious . . .

Steve Bingham wrote:

I see you have the old Kodak SLR/n. I went through two and got very frustrated with certain Nikon lenses (skies going from slight magenta to green to magenta, and vice versa)! Kodak took them both back and then stopped making them - and went out of the SLR business.

In answer to your original question, I would return the camera and ask for store credit. Being an active pro, I am sure you buy a ton of equipment and are considered an excellent customer.

What I can't figure out is why some D600s work great (no oil or debris) while others are terrible. I bought mine on January 3, 2013 and so far it is performing flawlessly. I no longer do commercial photography but simply play at fine art (won a few international awards), but I do use my camera. Now over 3,000 photos and still no sign of a problem.

I think the shutter housing is faulty and allowing lubricant and dust to be sucked in. But why is the problem with some D600s and not all D600s? Different parts manufacturers? Different factories? And why are some D600s returned with the same problem? And why the deafening silence from Nikon?

I suppose we will never know. By the way, my D600 has yet to be wet cleaned, although I have cleaned many sensors on earlier cameras (Kodak SLR/n, D2x, Fuji S2, D200, etc)

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Steve Bingham

Steve, I like many had to clean the Kodak often.( And I still like the files I created with it- it just took too much post production clean up.) But this camera gets very dirty VERY fast. I may call Adorama and have a talk with there pro dept.

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