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Re: Patent for 28-112mm f/1.4-1.8

24mm is obviously tricky to maintain quality over a long focal length range with a 1/1.7" as the Samsung EX2 and the Panasonic LX7 have pretty short zooms and they probably would have liked longer if they could have done. The longer 1/1.7"zooms all start at 28mm so if you want wide you have to lose the zoom or use a 1/2.3".

Ben O Connor wrote:

This is likely the lens we will see in the XZ3

You'll also notice a 4.4-67mm f2.4-f4.2 lens patent. This would correspond to a 24-370mm lens using a 1/2.3" sensor. So the long zoom would not use a 1/1.7" but would compete with the FZ200.

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28mm??? This wide end should get wider too. Aa panaaonic did, streched it till 20mm on its superzoom. 28mm is ok but not enought... should at least be 24mm thats! it!

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