How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Peter Damroth wrote:

I had lot's of spots on the sensor, then got the camera r+r by Nikon. Less than 100 shots later I have MORE spots....a lot of them. I was working in the studio using the camera for a catalog and now I have spots on the products and around the products. This is wrong to sell a camera that is clearly defective.

AND spots are not always in a sky etc. Spots on products are sometimes very difficult to remove.

Oh, yes I was working at f11.....because the job called for that. Very Disappointed....

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Well, when you play with things like that, this is what happens. NIkon has had this "spot" issue on various models for some time now and it is a known issue on the D600 yet you still bought one and sent it in for R&R instead of returning it. Can you still return it? What else are you going to do? If you can't return it what else are you going to do? Sell it knwoing "this is wrong to sell a camera that is clearly defective".

...and what are you going to do if you get rid of it. Buy another Nikon? I wouldn't.

Wow. What a comment. Not only is it poorly informed, it's in poor taste. You're essentially blaming the OP for buying the camera.

You forgot about the whole section where I implied the OP should have looked into the camera before he bought it, than should have returned it because it was clearly defective than asked how he was going to get rid of it because it "is wrong to sell a camera that is clearly defective". You buy a dog with spots and its going to have spots. If the seller tells you that the dog who has spots doesn't have spots and you never wanted a dog with spots in the first place than you return the dog with spots for a dog without spots. I don't call that poor tatste or poorly informed. I call that common sense.

No, I read the whole thing and I think you're ill informed and posting in poor taste.

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