How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Fantastic retort! Right on bro!

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

kiirokurisu wrote:

Well, you're wrong. Mine does not have the problem. I've tested for it repeatedly and it does not occur. I have over 5000 actuations and zero oil spots. The applicable proverb here is "the plural of anecdote is not data". Try to remember that next time.

To the OP - this issue has literally been discussed to death on this forum. A quick search would net probably hundreds of threads. Is yours somehow different, necessitating starting a new thread? Doubtful. The options that are open to you are very clear, pick one and be done with it.

Otherwise we might have to add a new post type alongside the poll, question, review etc: pointless whine.

If you don't like the thread, why don't you just move on? Instead, you're whining about the "whiners", and I come along and have to whine about the whiners of the whiners.

A lot of us are on the fence about the D600/D610 and find these threads are a timely update as to the problems and effectiveness of the fixes. Prior threads have sometimes devolved into mud-wrestling with people like leicaman leading the mud, so a fresh thread initiated by a VERY talented photographer with a keen knowledge of gear is welcomed by most of us here.

AGAIN, if you don't like the thread, do not participate and leave the moderation to the moderator, he's doing just fine and a lot better than you.


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