Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

It's not so much when I turn the x20 on. As per usual, I might review photos -- especially the most recent shots by pressing "play" -- to confirm or alter my the settings ("Chimping"). But then there's a sudden moment happening before me and I half press the shutter button to get back to shooting mode and crap -- there's that cycling again. Most times I am shut out until it completes this or if a firing happens, the frame is terribly overexposed -- ie. caught at a far too large aperture.

If or when I was shooting at darker hours or architecture (not much at the beach except the shockingly frequent excessive rotund-ancies of todays exemplary population) -- it was somewhat tolerable. But for kids digging in the sand, riding a wave (ode to Eleven After One) or just splashing around or buried up to the neck in sand-- it frustratingly exacerbated a developing sunburn on my neck.

Thanks for your input -- Sean65 -- sounds like your X10 had a behavioural history like my X20...

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