D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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I like Zeiss, but the MF makes it less than practical for me as I do a lot of candid work. I have no idea why they don't add AF to their lenses at this point.


Exactly, why don't they have auto-focus? I just bought the Zeiss APO Sonnar 135mm F2 and it's phenomenal--better than their 21mm, but manual focus can cripple you at times. It's hit and miss with anything moving. It's worth the wasted shots, but only if you have the time.

Yeah, I have no idea what Zeiss is smoking these days. As I mostly shoot people, I can't get into using a MF lens. Some of my friends have one or two, but rarely use them. I think Zeiss should stop being so silly and get with it. Have they seen the Sigma 35 1.4? That should make them shiver with fear because it's essentially a high-end lens and it will AF nicely.

I've toyed with buying a Zeiss, but getting the shot means everything to me. If my VRII and good primes are packed and the only thing handy is the Tamron 70-300 VC zoom...thank you, Tamron, for having AF!


"Due to international licences, it is not possible at the moment for companies outside Japan to offer AF lenses with EF- or F – mount. So we will concentrate on high-end manual focus lenses with those mounts within the next future.

Best regards

Carl Zeiss Lenses Team"

But I think is a Sony/Zeiss agreement

I did not know that! Thanks!!!


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