How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Peter ...

Did not read the whole thread - but up at the top it sounded like you don't do your own wet cleaning ??

If so - that's pretty hard to believe for a guy with your obvious chops ... the idea that people are returning a camera to Nikon service for a wet cleaning is pretty amazing to me ...  far more effort and delay than just doing it yourself. I just don't get it.

My 600 was dirty in the beginning, and is dirtier than "average" (compared to D300/700).  So I clean it a little more often.  It did get better over time and was never unmanageable. And wet cleaning a sensor (for me) is hardly more consequential than cleaning a lens, you know, with lens cleaner and a swab, or a lens pen ...

I do think there have been "some" 600s that throw so much gunk that they need to be cleaned almost daily, but I bet those are pretty rare.  In those cases I'd insist on replacement under warrantee.

I've never had a DSLR that did not need a wet cleaning every month or two, and a blow out more frequently.



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