My FIRST wedding! Results...

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Re: My FIRST wedding! Results...


For a first wedding, they look fine.  You actually did a good job.  My 2 (or 3) cents to you are these for next time:  1) spend more time with the B&G alone.  Make space for them to be together, set the scene, and photograph from the distance with a long lens.  No flash of course.  Just set the scene and 'disappear' and let them express their love towards each other.

2) Think about your surroundings.  I would have taken the extra 30 seconds to remove the chairs from in front of the B&G at the altar photo.

3) Learn to postprocess well.  Skillful postprocessing can make even average images great.  Also, think about outsourcing your post processing also if it makes fiscal sense in your case next time.

Your style is just developing, of course, but it's fine.  This is how weddings are done these days, except like noted in #1 give B&G some more quality time with you.

Good luck.

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