Most activity on M4/3s forum

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Re: Most activity on M4/3s forum

Sean Nelson wrote:

There are no less than four Canon DSLR forums, so that really dilutes the activity among them. Contrast that with the M43 forum, where two separate manufacturers are lumped together, bringing the users of each into the same place.

No wonder there's more posts here.

Thank you! Thank you for this post! I was worried for a while that there was 0% sanity in this forum (5% sanity is OK).

I wouldn't be surprised to see that there is more activity here than in those forums combined, although I doubt it (and I'm ignorant about the relative post amounts).

A "M43 Lens Talk" could possibly work, but arguing for a forum split is stupid 99% of the time, so I'm totally OK with the current structure.

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