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Big Ga wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

I shot Canon for years and still use a Canon DSLR sometimes. I went over the the Canon forum I used to frequent a lot, guess what, the activity there is not near what it is here. Why do you think that is the case.

Canon and Nikon have had decades to hone and perfect things like the ergonomics of their cameras, operation of their remote flash systems etc. Things work well and its small incremental upgrades now so nobody gets too excited or worked up (well ... apart from Canon shooters wanting the same clean shadow sensor tech that the competition has). Also, there are a large number of photographers there who are now very experienced with digital, so most of the questions have been answered.

Micro fourthirds however is still new with lots of things not working as well as they should - its an immature technology. So there's loads to bitch about here. Plus, there's a bag full of newbies who have only just managed to work out how to turn the camera on, let alone work out what depth of field means. Plus the small size of the cameras causes immense pen1s envy with a whole bunch. AND the refusal to accept the simple laws of physics in terms of mostly big really is better, means its REALLY busy around here

I agree. I am a Canon DSLR user for a long time, not much to see there.  I just bought a PEN and am impressed by its size and capability. Just want to know more about M4/3 system.

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