How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

Catalana wrote:

In a sense, the sensor of my D600 is quite contaminated, but it hasn't stopped me from going out and taking shots. Under most conditions it is rarely an issue for me, but if I do landscape it can be quite annoying. 23000 + exposures later, with my warranty period expiring within a week, I

I have more warranty left than you, but I just did the same thing. My megadust is gone, but I figured it's best not to let a damaged part remain in the camera, just in case. I get it back today...

decided to take the beast in for a service. Whatever Nikon Service will do, i.e., replace the shutter or just clean it, I'll keep on using the D600 until it dies. I just like this camera.

At f/16 with the 50mm/1.8G, Jpeg straight OOC...

Same shot, desaturated with extreme contrast and levels applied.

To me it is not dust, those bunnies are long gone, but rather lubricant/oil. Maybe I'll get lucky and Nikon will alleviate my issue. If I get the time, I'll take a look at the sensor of my Pentax K-5 back-up camera and post a comparison. Maybe I'll borrow some different cameras from some friends and see what kind of results I can get. I have a feeling that many sensors out there will have similar issues.

The top one is fairly clean, you could use it. But as soon as you increase your clarity or structure, whatever is there gets more noticeable. I just imported your photo into Lightroom onto a sawtooth curve to see if I could find more than your BW version and it's pretty much the same. I personally don't think you have "the" problem right now - that's a pretty normal amount of dust.

"The" problem is much worse. I counted over 200 spots removed on some of my early shots and that was just the ones that made a difference like in sky regions. And it absolutely required wet cleaning. But to put it in perspective, I've done maybe 4 wet cleans since December of last year as opposed to a typical frequency of twice per year. How big a deal is that?

Fact is, there is a whole lot more dust on our sensors than we know. The biggest problem is that some of us have started looking a little harder for it since the D600 came out. (Including me!)

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