Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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Re: I think you missed the point of the EM1

herebefore wrote:

The whole point of the EM1 wasn't massive IQ improvement..

The lack of an "AA" filter wont always be helpful, just sometimes helpfull.

Losing a million pixels to focus duty didn't "improve" IQ, it improved focus with 4/3 lenses

An improved jpg engine helps those that shoot jpg only.

Release of the EM! involved usability with ZD lenses along with:

A different body style

A camera more "Pro" style than the M43 cameras that came before it.

Better "ergonomics" for some.

A lot of small improvements, none of which make a "better IQ camera", but rather, make it a better, more usable camera for some of us.

I agree.  The problem with EM5 was (for me) its ergonomics, not its image quality.    EM1 fixed 90% of what I did not like about EM5's ergonomics (they did not fix the issue of build-in fill-in flash that I would have liked, but hey, you cannot have everything):

1) Grip that is useful and already there with access to battery compartment.

2) Much larger buttons

3) More fn type buttons plus many things can be controlled with buttons and knobs

4) the idiotic on/off switch on the bottom moved to the top of the camera

5) PDAF might help with continuous AF during day (my EM5 straggled with a simple task of shooting a model walking toward me at leisurely pace)   remains to be seen how good the improvements are

6) bonuses: 1/320 Flash xsync, 1/8000 shutter speed, larger viewfinder, ability to fast AF with 43 lenses, better weatherproveness.

When I compare prices between EM5 and EM1, I have to consider the fact that to me personally EM5 was useless without the grip - just was super uncomfortable without it.    So I have to always factor in the price of the grip to EM5.    EM5 - retail today.  Body -$949.  Grip = $249.  Total - $1200.   EM1 - retail today = $1400.    If comparing retail prices today for new EM5 vs EM1, to me these above improvements definitely worth the $200 price difference.

If, on the other hand, one is comparing the price of used EM5 vs EM1, which obviously is not available used anywhere, the price difference becomes larger and one has to think harder if the improvements are worth for them.

If one starts a new and only cares about pic quality and not ergonomics, Fuji X offers many cheaper alternatives to m43.

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