Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

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Re: Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

Cope wrote:

SteveCooper wrote:

I use the Nikon vertical grip for my D90 and it has 2 battery slots. If I remember correctly, Nikon's grip for the D7000 & D7100 do not have 2, but rather 1 slot, requiring you to remove the grip to charge the in-camera battery.

For the same reason another user has mentioned, it is not worth the risk to use a 3rd party grip. I would look for a used or refurb if new is too expensive for you.

I don't see the need for a second battery in the grip. Not many cases where you would go through both batteries in a session.

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Not many, but there is some.

I have two batteries, a relative new one (status 4) and an older (status 2).

The good one stays in camera, and rarely gets charged, just there in case somethings happens.

The badder one in the grip gets all the abuse, pounding, charge/discharge cycles and whatever happens.
If (when) it empties/dies, the good one in the grip takes over seamlessly and i wont have to worry about getting to my bag, find the good one and change battery, because it is there already.

Its a nice safety net.

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