Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

Started Sep 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

scokill wrote:

Is there any substantiated reports of a third party grip causing any damage? I keep seeing folks mention the risk of using a third party grip. I guNeess at one time folks were probably saying the same thing about third party lenses.

Havent damaged my camera, i use a noname MD-B11 (D7000) grip since jan. 2013, and the only thing is that it is not weather sealed like the original (no aftermarket is). But i dont think of it as much of a problem, as the battery contacts point away from the opening, and the voltage is so low, that moisture wont be a direct concern (short circuit), but might corrode something over time.

Oh yeah, and i ripped the battery holder in two.
Fixed it with some epoxy stuff, but it is not pretty, im trying to find a replacement.

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