Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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Re: Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

Stu 5 wrote:

No it is not the same sensor. Olympus have already said this. The DR is different, just look at the Tungsten test Raw samples on this website for 3200, 6400 and 12800. Download them and open them up in Lightroom 5.2. You can easily see the E-M1 has no/less blue noise which increases the DR. Try to remove that blue noise from the E-M5 files without a loss in detail. With no AA filter on the E-M5 it allows you to apply more NR when required compared to the E-M5 without so much detail loss.

I have a similar impression. I watched the few test images carefully. The blue channel has less noise, for example if you look at the shadows, the E-M5 files are plagued by a blue color cast.

And obviosly the new sensor is more sensitive in the red channel. Some people are even complaining about this. Hopefully a better LightRoom camera-calibration file will be available soon ...

So less noise in blue channel and more signal in red channel should make half a stop difference, I would guess.

And last not least: I was visiting an Olympus event in Germany where the Oly manager said the sensor is completely different from E-M5, even from a different company (as far as I understood, maybe I am wrong here). Only the pixel count is similar he said ...

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