Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Safety highlight headroom

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

With the latest sensors, some have been proclaiming it's better to shoot at base ISO and increase brightness in post rather than increase ISO in camera.

I would like to see some examples of this. Are there any examples where increasing brightness in post delivers better IQ than increasing ISO in camera? And please, disable all NR settings.

Shooting 'ISO-less' won't give you better IQ. The shadow noise will be the same, at best, if the sensor is truely 'ISO-less' (and worse if it isn't). It'll 'just' give you more safety highlight headroom than you would have if the ISO was increased, when shooting in low light. More safety highlight headroom is a nice thing, of course (especially if in a hurry), but on the other hand, if you take care not to blow important highlights when shooting the normal way (increasing the ISO), then there isn't really any reason to shoot 'ISO-less'.

If shooting in good light and trying to optimize the IQ/SNR at base ISO (ETTR), then you'll have to learn how to protect important highlights anyway, so if following the same routine at higher ISOs, then blown highlights shouldn't be a problem. But of course, in low light there isn't any reason to push the histogram as far to the right as you would do if using ETTR at base ISO. For example, if f/4, 1/60 sec, ISO 3200 will give you 'ETTR' (or 'HTTR', Histogram To The Right) in low light, then you could use e.g. f/4, 1/60, ISO 2000 instead, in order to be on the safe side and be sure not to blow important highlights. Shooting 'in the dark' at f/4, 1/60, ISO 100 shouldn't be necessary.

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